Vijay  Kale

Vijay Kale

Indore, India

I paint through my belief. The power of unknown fascinates me.  As an a artist I am paint about mythology which connected with humans daily life sequences. and in present m started a new theme as like about Reflaction of technology on human and humanity

My works represent the power of Almighty. I am in love with their life, their 'Leela'and the power of creating and destroying. 
I try to feel it through colors, forms and lines in my painting. I try to depict their 'Oneness'as Gods and human beings.
It's really a great experience to feel one with Him while painting. I have a feeling of togetherness and I believe in that. 
Togetherness with Objects, surrounding, with habitat, fauna flora and with the smallest particle on earth which has same life as mine, which is given by Him.

I feel and paint and paint and feel .