Nityam Singha Roy

Nityam Singha Roy

Optimistic in nature and bohemian in spirit, Nityam Singha Roy’s new paintings are the manifestation of his deep understanding and realization of life and its philosophy.

Born in 1978, in Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal, Nityam strongly believes in the power and potent of the word ‘Charaiveti’, which means ‘move on’ or ‘go on’.

He likes to focus on the journey of life, and not the destination, to enjoy the internal majesty and not to rejoice over achieving simply an external goal. ‘The struggle of my early life taught me to enjoy the pain of separation.

This pain has created me anew as a painter and painting is my satisfaction. My painting reflects my journey. My canvas becomes my language while I paint my story.’

And it is his deep introspection that has allowed him to create art works which transcend the personal subjectivity and spatio-temporal boundaries and give his audience the feeling of timelessness and eternity.