Akshay  Verma

Akshay Verma

New Delhi, India

Exhibited in the top art galleries in India and abroad , in over 80 group and solo shows, international exhibitions ,
which is outstanding for such a young artist.
His imagery is a fusion of intriguing shapes and exquisite mental conceptions,offering a fresh outlook on life and it's  various facts.

The vivid "Monsoon of Colors’" and the breathtaking characters are mixed together in a graphic abstract expressionism.
His inspiration is life..." Actually, I paint from day to day life ,what I see, what I feel,whatever image passes to my mind...I pour it on my canvas"
Akshay started painting at 19,when his father gifted him his first canvas, and
from that moment on life became a creative revelation.
"I can never stop painting...I love it so much"