Raksha Rathore

Raksha Rathore

Rajasthan , India

Art is a manifestation comprising Love, Care, Knowledge, Perception,Awareness & Emotional state.

Nature provides us many thingswhich is really very beautiful like human being is a great part of this world who have creative cognizance and accomplishes expansions with
establishments through his brilliant brain power. Creativity is one of the powerful aptitude and a precious gift offered by God.

I create paintings and designs for different purpose, requirements & my artistic temperament. It’s my pleasure and passion to create best artworks which reflects feelings, emotions and
sentiments of living thing and non living thing.
In my long journey I used to catch many natural sites, events, feelings and illustrated these on  canvas. I always try to put livelihood of the objects in my artworks. It’s my pleasure to share my
artworks with maximum viewers.  I always try my best, altered and make art lovers pleasant with my creations.