Amita  Prithviwasi

Amita Prithviwasi

Artist Amita Prithviwasi, is born and brought up in New Delhi. She completed her graduation from Delhi University. Her interest in art inspires her to keep going, even after double Bachelor’s, double Master’s & a number of annual Diplomas in the feild of digital art, painting & photography.

Amita derives her inspiration of works from her meditative state of mind, where she experiments with new techniques & her skills to give physical appearance to her aesthetic sense & imagination; with the use of Earthen-shaded color schemes with moderate contrast. One can experience mysterious muse of landscapes in her compositions.

The works are technique centered works of art; with the use of several chemicals mixed along with colors & poured upon canvases & sheets. Though, Amita was a Digital Artist, but she aims to continue her manual compositions in the near future, as the essence of it seems a source of achieving peace to her.