Freedom of Thoughts - 27th July - 31st July 2016

Jyoti Kalra founder of Uchaan art group showcased its fine arts collection at "Freedom of Thoughts" A Group exhibition of painting, sculpture, photography.

Date - 27th Jul to 31st Jul 2016
Event Time - 10 am - 7:30 pm
Venue - Open Palm Court, India Habitat center, New Delhi

"Freedom of Thought" a painting and sculpture exhibition presented by Uchaan Arts

Inaguration by eminent Art critic Ms. UMA NAIR, Sh. Anil Mittal & Qazi M. Raghib at 5.30 pm, on 27th July 2016. It is one such showcase where each participating artist has spoken in his or her own true voice. A group of eminent artists are participating in this painting and sculpture exhibition.

Concept Note

"Art is two things: A search for a road and a search for freedom" - Alice Neel

All of us are born with an instinct to create be it writing prose and poetry or a piece of sculpture or a painting or any other form of art. As we grow older, the voice and the expression takes on a form that is unique to each individual. An artist's journey therefore, is filled with a celebration of colours and forms and at times a very intense search for a purpose or a voice. A voice to express their thoughts and feelings on social, spiritual or personal happenings. For some, a painting is a journey down the lanes of history or architecture... regardless of where an artist eventually lands up, the journey is full of a myriad of experiences. What a true artist yearns for the most is the freedom to tread the path they choose and to be able to show the world a part of their souls through each of their paintings.

Freedom of Thought is one such showcase where each participating artist has spoken in his or her own true voice.

Most artists have a vision that they need to express .This vision usually cant be explained adequately with words -art has its own language and vocabulary of visual ideas, form, colour, space, art history, emotions, spirit which needs to be learnt by artists and viewers . In order to know what an painting is about. By educating our eyes to see relationship pf colour and form, and art historical references, we can learn the language of paintings.

Participating Artists

Anuradha Madan, Deepali Jain, Geetika Sangwan, Hemant Joshi, Madhuri Sharma, Mark Daulat, Nawal Kishore, Parul Garg, Pooja Aggarwal, Poonam Saini, Preeti Kodesia, Richa Sharma, Sarbdeep Jaswal, Shikha Jamwal, Siddharth Kumar, Smita Jain, Sonia Kumar, Sudha R. Sama, Sunita Agarwal, Swagatika Mohanty, Tapasya Gupta, Kamal Devnath, Usha Shrivastava.