About Us

UCHAAN - A Group of Contemporary Artists

Founder & Director at UCHAAN

Jyoti herself is a trained artist, having gained her expertise under the tutelage of eminent art thespians. Since 2013 she has curated launched over 50 art exhibitions, amalgamating contemporary art, paintings, sculptures and photographs. Jyoti has been persistent in experimenting with her showcase by making it a fusion of various creative expressions, live music and painting or live music and sculpture coupled with mimicry as an art form.
Her dedication to the upliftment of arts and artists has made UCHAAN a space for all art lovers and connoisseurs a destination, for art appreciation as well as for enriching their art collection.

UCHAAN Foundation, is incorporated as a not-for-profit company with a main objective that has established itself as a nurturing ground for a variety of art and varied artists. Uchaan has a repertoire of not just the masters of art but also an impeccable range of contemporary artists from all parts of the country, whose works are showcased on a regular basis. Uchaan has been doing shows in all forms of visual arts in its own distinguish way within the gallery as well as has taken art outside the confines to off site locations. Uchaan has taken the art to masses so as to maximise the reach and lure art enthusiasts far and wide.